International Shipment Management / Vendor Management

Integration of global supply chain services that enable our customers to ship from sources outside the country to distribution points within India, as well as from domestic locations shipping to global destinations points, resulting in a cost-effective and expedient supply chain solution.

Carrier Management (CM)

Managing our transportation partners on all aspects of service expectations and requirements, including delivery needs, information flow and total delivered costs. These services include:

?Vendor Management: Selecting, scheduling, reporting and information, and evaluation of transportation vendors.

Rate Negotiation: Developing best possible delivered costs at the highest service level for each mode of transportation.

Contract Management: Negotiating and overseeing service with various transportation vendors. ?

Private Fleet/Partner Carriers: Utilizing and integrating services of DFX owned and outsourced carriers.

Exhibition Cargo Handling

Equipped with all the necessary tools and systems to handle Exhibition cargo under ATA Carnet or otherwise. We have team of experienced professionals to handle the issues and formalities with Indian customs and associated offices.

Reverse Logistics

Accurate processing, administration, and disposition of returned goods as well as activities associated with bringing goods back to standard (product renewal) for re-entry into the supply chain. These services include returns, repairs, refurbishment, and recovery.