Import / Export customs clearance and Delivery

With two decades of expertise in custom operations and processes, we integrate vast Import/Export clearance, forwarding and delivery processes with latest technology. Sincere compliance with customs and quality regulatory framework is our added advantage that leads to minimizing delays and maximising reliability.

Each and every development in customs regulations and provisions is closely monitored by us so as to provide time-tested logistical support through air, road and sea.

We provide custom brokerage services for our clients all across India to ensure that your consignments are cleared from customs with minimal cost to you. We work closely with custom and shipping companies to have the most efficient and smooth experience for new importers. Our experience, knowledge of custom tariffs helps us to provide you with the most accurate pre import quote.

The key import and export activities of shipping and freights involving compulsory paper works are cautiously and swiftly taken care of by our expert working at our custom clearing agency.

Essentialities of pre-preparation and documentation along with judgmental timing are well taken care of.

While, we are always on our toes and abide to remain geared up to fulfill all the mandatory requirements that can give a jolt to the progress of any shipments, we make sure to obtain, prepare and submit the necessary documents or data to Customs as per client’s satisfaction.

In connection with same, we pay the applicable duties and taxes on your behalf. Focusing on providing quality release information we reduce potential liabilities for penalties and future compliance audits by authorities. Where applicable we acquire documentation to provide use of the most beneficial rates of customs duty. This facilitates lower clearance costs while maintaining compliance with Customs regulations.