cargo warehouse and consodation

Cargo Warehousing & Consolidation 

Combining cargo as one lot and then preparing it for consolidated shipping via sea, air and road routes, is also one of our specialized services. Consolidation reduces the overheads via moving the goods as a lot instead of single items of smaller volumes. Whereas, effective space for safe storage of goods at the company’s warehouse allows your goods to be under our direct supervision and precise maintenance.

Our facilities blend modern systems and equipment with industry-best-practices to lower your warehousing and distribution costs while increasing your service levels. if the scale, location or complexity of your business requires a dedicated solution DFX has the right people and expertise you need.

Warehouse are equipped with all standardized equipment for safety and security and managed by technical staff for proper handling of inventory. Upon customer’s request we can provide on line inventory control as well as security monitoring systems with the help of our state of the art hardware installed at premises. The whole system facilitates the communications process and supports the commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction.

Warehousing operations are based on the following:

? Process inbound/outbound cargo
? Prepare pallets for air transport
? Conduct container operations
? Clean and organize distribution assets
? Supervise inspection on storage facility
? Location consolidation, inventory procedures
? Process equipment
? Maintain hazardous material
? Perform outdoor storage procedures
? Receiving, cleaning, packing, shipping
? worldwide logistics tracking
? logistics products, project logistics
? fast air logistics, pioneer logistics
? logistics equipment, logistics trolley
? gateway logistics scanners, logistics.
? logistic taxi dispatch system