DFX is a logistics solution company with a vision for providing the highest quality global transportation and logistic solutions in the industry to fulfill our vision. We work hard to develop long term strategic relationships with our customers. We also offer excellent services and solutions designed to complement their supply chain and create a positive impact on their bottom line business.

Our mission at DFX is to consistently exceed ‘our customers’ expectations by providing excellence in Logistics solutions and transportation services, the fulfillment of this mission require solutions and services that are reliable, flexible, and predictable regardless of the situation. It also requires a leadership and organization structure that is value driven, change driven, and customer focused. At DFX, we believe that our people are our most valuable asset. Our leadership and staff are highly trained and motivated professionals dedicated to providing quality driven results at every level. Each person has the power to make decisions. As a result we expect the highest level of personal and professional conduct from all our employees and company representatives.

Our core values drive our decisions and define our corporate culture. They direct us in times of uncertainty and instability and keep us focused on our vision and mission in times of prosperity and success.

Service, leadership, teamwork, integration, respect, responsibility excellence and innovation are more than just words at DFX, they are the standards by which we measure our daily performance and the baseline for our moral and ethical decision.

At DFX LOGISTICS, we are committed to provide our highest quality transportation and logistics solutions and services possible.

I hope this brief introduction will help you to get us know better and seeking an opportunity to serve your logistics need.